Importance of The Qur’an in a Muslims Life | Top 10 Khutbah Wisdoms 41of47(6) in 2019

Masjid: al-Huda
Khateeb: Imaam Dr. Ziyaad

Date: 11/8/19 (3/11/41)
Location: South Salt Lake, UT

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As-salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ridwanullah Life Maximizers,

What are the top 10 most important lessons I learned from today’s Khutbah?

  1. The Qur’an is the most important book in a human beings life, especially for Muslims.
  2. It is the words of Allah(swt) and noting is like it or comparable to it, alhamdulillah.
  3. As human beings we are in desperate need of the words of Allah(swt).
  4. It is more important to us than anything else a human being can need or want.
  5. It is a cure for the heart & soul as well as mind & body and has to be approached that way.
  6. We have to understand the sicknesses and diseases that happen to the heart & soul is more critical then the sickness & disease that happen to the body.
  7. Because your body will end with this world but your heart & soul will be with you forever so you have to take care of it as best as you can, in’shaa’Allah.
  8. And one of the best ways you can do that is by connecting it to the Qur’an.
  9. The reality of our times today in terms of our relationship with the Qur’an is at an all time low, which is a reflection of the quality & quantity of our lives.
  10. How is your relationship with The Qur’an? Are you happy about it? or are you sad about it? in either case there is room for improvement. May Allah(swt) allow us to be amongst the people of Qur’an. Ameen.


Return back to Allah(swt) before you are returned back to Allah(swt)!


May Allah(swt) grant us the ability and mental stability [to restrain and constrain our desires to remain guided on the straight path to Allah(swt) in this dunya so we can reap the rewards in the akhirah] by the grace, will and for the pleasure of Allah(swt) and allow us to meet at the highest level of heaven(Jannah).


The aim of this idea is, to not only share with you the unbelievable wisdom in and from the khutbah but also, to remind and warn the brothers who take the obligation of Juma’ah prayer lightly. It is double devastation to get the punishment of Allah(swt) on top of missing out on the weekly KhutbahWisdoms! May Allah(swt) guide us all to the straight path!

I ask you by Allah(swt), to spread the message of al-Islam and these KhutbahWisdoms far and wide by the grace, will and for the pleasure of Allah(swt)!

Where did this idea come from?
I had this KhutbahWidoms idea while I was listening to the Khutbah 12/26/1437(10/28/16), alhamdulillah. We must benefit ourselves and our Ummah as much as we can with as many ideas that are most pleasing to Allah(swt). May Allah(swt) forgive and bless our beloved Imaam Dr. Ziyaad for transferring to us the endless wisdom that Allah(swt) blessed him with! Ameen!

Going forward:

I will do the absolute best I can to keep KhutbahWisdoms coming to you weekly right after Khutbah in’shaa’Allah! Make du’a for me that Allah(swt) allows me to stay consistent with this new idea and everything else that pleases Allah(swt) and may Allah(swt) grant you even better!

I ask you by Allah(swt), to spread the message of al-Islam and these KhutbahWisdoms far and wide by the grace, will and for the pleasure of Allah(swt)!


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Until next time, never give up on completely maximizing your Life in this Dunya & Akhirah by the grace, will and for the Pleasure Of Allah(swt).

With sincere gratitude,

Hussein “Maximizer” Mohamud | Founder & CEO

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