Ridwanullah University’s Life Maximization Program Reminder:

Ridwanullah University’s Life Maximization Program Reminder:
Our online monthly membership program for your Islamic personal development.
As-salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ridwanullah Family,
Our Live Online Monthly Training & Coaching Sessions are back 🙂
May 2020 Topic: Building a more balanced life + More
Training: Sunday May 10th 2020 (Ramadan 17th 1441(estimate)) between 8:00am-9:30am MST
Coaching: Sunday May 17th 2020 (Ramadan 24th 1441(estimate)) between 8:00am-9:30am MST
Note: we are doing back to back week of training & coaching instead of our normal bi-weekly schedule to avoid schedule conflict with Eidul-Fitr(which is expexted to be either on or around Sunday the 24th of May), so keep that in mind and schedule it, in’shaa’Allah.
For our returning LifeMaximizers to log in or those who would like to join our program click here, in’shaa’Allah: https://bit.ly/2m8fZAH
Have your notebook & pen ready for retention, in’shaa’Allah.
Normally our Training & Coaching(Q&A) sessions are about 90 minutes relating to the topic…
If you would like to have your questions answered first during our coaching sessions or if you have any other questions please e-mail me at: RidwanullahOrganization@gmail.com. jzk. And you can ask questions during the live training & coaching sessions as well. Most of Questions are answered during our coaching sessions on a first come first serve basis within our 90 minute session so please submit your questions as soon as possible and we’ll answer submitted questions first & during our live session and any questions asked during the live session after with our remaining time, in’shaa’Allah.
I hope you can join us, in’shaa’Allah!
Ridwanullah University’s Life Maximization Program is a $30/month online monthly membership program designed to help you completely maximize your Life in this Dunya & Akhirah for the pleasure of Allah(swt)!
Each month you will get one training and one coaching & much more to come, in’shaa’Allah.
Until next time, never give up on completely maximizing your Money & Life in this Dunya & Akhirah for The Pleasure of Allah(swt)!
With sincere gratitude,
Hussein “Maximizer” Mohamud

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